Summer Projects


For my Windows 10 project, I was introduced to common methods of research. I had to question every step in my process. I also had to meet weekly with my team, to find out if changes that we made to the security settings had any affect on the telemetry. Through this project, I collected data of network traffic using Wireshark. The visuals of data on the  poster were collected by me. By conducting research for this project, I now have a better understanding of operating systems, and Windows 10 in particular. I also understand the extreme importance of security settings on operating systems. Protecting the OS is the foundation of computer security.


Here is my  prototype for the research I did on Technology for Grief Support. I worked with a undergraduate research partner,  and my graduate mentor, to deploy and analyze a survey based on technology usage of grievers. From this study, I was introduced to qualitative research methods. I became familiar with proactive health informatics. My main contributions to this project included creating relevant themes through open coding, and prototyping the potential mobile application that will be created. I have experience with conducting phone interviews with participants, and conducting an in-person interview with support group facilitators.

Semester Projects

Spring ’17

For my big data analytics class, we had to present on a research topic. My group was tasked with researching the use of big data analytics in business. We chose to take a closer look at the use of big data for examining stock prices. See our poster here.